Bad Judgement

This project uses Facebook data to make inferences about your behavior to impose an entirely fictional narrative upon your life.

The goal here is to produce an incorrect digital journal of your Facebook behavior.

No tracker can follow you better than yourself. Facebook encourages the oversharing of information to collect data about you and your networks.

Though Facebook claims they do not sell data to any unaffiliated third party advertisers. Facebook shares information about you with a vast network of third party partners who in turn have their own privacy policies.

Here are links to all of their affiliates' privacy policies:

Atlas Solutions Privacy Policy

Live Rail Privacy Policy

Onavo Privacy Policy

Whats App Privacy Policy

Oculus Privacy Policy

Moves Privacy Policy

There is a digital representation of you in the databases of countless data miners, hopefully mine isn't one of them.


1. Download your Facebook data following these steps: Data Download

2. Within 10 minutes Facebook will email you a copy of your data.

3. Find the security.htm file, and upload in the window to the right.


I do not store any of the data you upload. I parse it in a node server, and erase it immediately. No one but you can see this.